Lake Natron, is a soda lake at the base of the active Ol Donyo Lengai volcanic moutain. Overlooking Lake Natron and the bush land to the north, Ol donyo Lengai, which means ‘Mountain of God’ in Maasai is an active volcano and one of Tanzania’s most spectacular and undiscovered climbs. The volcano erupts sporadically sending streams of grey lava down the crater rim and spitting hot ash into the air. The climb is undertaken overnight so hikers can experience sunrise over the rift valley escarpment.

The area around Lake Natron is often described as having a desolate and almost lunar beauty. A visit to this area will give  you an option of taking short walks around the lake to the streams and waterfalls along the nearby escarpment for a true off-the-beaten- path adventure.

MACHO HALISI LTDEast African Safari Offer

From 1st June to 31st Dec 2020

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Tarangire-Lake Manyara,Ngorongoro Crater & Lake Eyasi (Hadzabe)